Sunday, 14 July 2013

Nice chub and perch from a new stretch of the river

I tried a new stretch today, that involved a good 45 minute walk from the nearest parking spot.
I started on the float, flicking maggots and caster in whilst I was setting up. Within 30 seconds one of the fish I was feeding got chomped by a big pike (noted for another session ;) ) and then, shortly after, a mother and baby deer crossed the river downstream of me. Interesting. Start!
The first few chucks down I had a few hand sized dace, and then it slowed down a bit. I rested the swim whilst topping up the feed,. The 5 minute break did it some good, as I struck into something lumpy an solid. Brilliant fight on the stick float and 2lb line, but the soft cushioning action of the rod let me feel in complete control still. Eventually this chub of 4lb 1oz came into the net.

Not bad for a single maggot on a size 20!
The float action slowed right down, so I got the feeder rod out with lobworm. This was cast I the far bank and within minutes a nice perch was landed...

As the sun rose, the swim went quiet and I moved on. 
I was trying various different swims with lobworm on the long trek back to the car, and eventually landed this nice perch of about a pound. 

And that was that. Battling through nettles, hogweed and himalayan balsa over a few mile walk was exhausting, but well worth it.

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