Sunday, 11 October 2015

Barbel o clock

There was a lot of water in the rivers earlier this week, and one in particular was just fining down nicely but carrying a little water and flow still. Perfect conditions for a few hours barbel fishing into dark.

I'm experimenting with baits and flavouring at the moment, and had made some pretty potent boilies that i'd had recommended, which I wrapped in a similar flavoured paste. The first swim I got too had a tree overhanging on the near bank with the flow pushing out towards the far bank. A cast into the flow and letting it swing round seemed ideal, and I threw in a couple of samples (no mass baiting). Within 20 mins, the rod slammed round and I was into a hard fighting barbel; unfortunately the hooked pulled out as it was fighting near the bank.

After sitting it out for a short while, I decided a move was in order. Next swim I used paste only, direct to the hook, and within 10 mins later the rod stated  pulling round and I struck instantly into what was clearly another barbel. Happy when this one was finally landed...

I said it last week and i'll say it again - the lone angler landing net handle is brilliant. Very solid, and ideal for tricky swims where you need reach and strength. I had to land this fish between a bed of reeds that I couldn't get near because of the extra water and it was just what I needed.

I'm happy that I've found a bait flavour that seems to work very well. Two swims, two bites very quickly. That shows to me they are finding the nice scent trail in the dark and being drawn to it. I think I will keep on it!

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