Saturday, 3 October 2015

Targets for this Autumn / Winter

Now that Autumn is upon us, I thought I would list my autumn / winter targets (my favourite fishing season), mainly for my own benefit and to focus my fishing.

- A 20lb pike from a different river - this would be a very good achievement from round here; so far one river has produced a few 20s for me, I want to try broaden my horizons. It's a tough old challenge this, and I imagine one I will fail for a number of years to come, but I'm going to have fun trying. 

- A 6lb Chub - caught my first late last winter, and want to keep going on from there. They are stunning fish!

- A 2.5lb perch - it's about time I had a big stripey under my hat!

- A 10oz dace - When they start to shoal up this winter, I do intend to try for them!

- A winter barbel - timing the conditions to a warm water influx in the middle of winter, I hope to get a decent barbel

- A 1.5lb grayling - they are there, and I have a few ideas up my sleeve for this one. 

- A couple of cod - not too much to ask...I hope! 

Best get to it then......................

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