Thursday, 29 October 2015

Pike fishing - River Swale

I started my main winter campaign earlier this week, which is to try for a big pike from the river Swale. I've had a few over the magic 20 mark from the tees, and want to try and broaden my horizons. 

The plan of attack is to cover as much water this winter as I can. I've got access to many miles of water through various clubs. I reckon about 20 morning trips should cover it with a roving approach. 

On Monday, the levels were good and I decided to give it a try at the upper limit of the Swale I'll be fishing. It's pretty wild water up here, Rapids, pools, as well as some nice eddies etc. There are good pike, and I've had them to 19.04lb previously. 

Tactics involved fishing a smelt and lamprey deadbaits, two rods, roving between swims. The second peg produced a run within minutes, and I was happy to avoid the spaniard they call el blanco, even though the fish only weighed 5lb 6oz (this one took the smelt). I covered about 1.5 miles of water, but didn't get any further activity. Well, we have to start somewhere! 

I'm out again tomorrow morning, however spate rivers being as they are, the Pennines have been hit by downpours and the river is filling up with warm water. The pike will have to wait another week whilst the barbel rods are dusted off again. 

Here's a pic of my Swale pb which in hoping to beat this year.....

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