Monday, 18 September 2017

Pike season has begun

The pike rods have been dusted off, new reels purchased (shimano 8000d's), rigs tied up and I was up and on the river tees for daybreak on sunday. I hadn't managed to get out midweek so I was pretty eager to get catching, and with a slight chill in the air and some autumnal colour in the trees, it seemed the right time to go chasing the predators.

Tactics involved moving around, spending an hour or so in a few swims, and offering the fish smelt or lamprey deadbaits. I was fishing slightly deeper areas between shallow flows of water. After some early rain, the sun shone through an all felt right in the world. Things got even better as my lamprey was picked up and I saw the pike float bob out of the corner of my eye. It soon started moving off, and I hit into it early. Well hooked, the fish gave a good account of itself with plenty of energy in the runs, but was soon netted.

Nothing big, but I love catching wild river pike, and hopefully the start of a productive winter chasing them (as well as chub!). The colouration on tees fish is fantastic as well.....

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  1. You've convinced me. Deadbaits and the river on Sunday. thouh i have a cunninmg planm for some village pond carp on Friday....