Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Target smashed, pb chub!

So I had my winter campaign planned out. Having successfully had six pound chub from the river Swale previously, one of my prime targets was to do the same on my more local (and preferred) river Tees. The problem is that this river just doesn't hold many such fish - it took me years to get a five pounder, which I achieved last year at 5lb 10oz, a special fish. I was aware of the existence of a couple of 6lbers that have been landed in recent years though, so I knew they were there.

Sunday evening, I decided to get out before dark and fish a few hours, initially for chub and then to target barbel late on. Arriving at dusk, I set up and got cast out, flicking the lamprey chunk into a likely looking run. I didn't get any sort of indication for the first 40 mins or so, and was considering a re-cast when the rod tip jagged, then pulled round confidently. I hit into what was obviously a very good fish, but one thing I've noticed is that 4lb chub on the tees really pull. The fish tried to take me into a snag, which I managed to avoid (just) and then it was a case of playing it closer to me. The fish hugged the bottom for a good while though, until finally coming into the net. I didn't see the size of it upon landing, so let it sit in the deep mesh in the water to recover, whilst I rebaited. It was only when I lifted it up and saw it that I realised there was a definite 6lber in the net, which I was gobsmacked at. I quickly zeroed the scales and recorded a weight of 6lb 10oz - this wasn't just over the magic mark, it absolutely smashed it and was closer to 7! In addition, my pb was broken by 1oz.

So now I'm debating what to target next - a 6lber from the Ure or Wear maybe?

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  1. What an incredible Chub James, very impressed, quite surprised you managed you're target so early in the season. By that account it's clear that that fish in particular will go 7lb, no doubt and if one will there must be one or two that will also do it, sit out the winter there and hope for a 7?