Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Testing out the new Drennan Acolyte 13ft Distance Feeder rod

I was fortunate (very fortunate!) enough to enter and win a drennan competition with the prize being a drennan acolyte 13ft distance feeder rod. Received in the post this week, the rod is a 3 piece feeder rod, primarily designed (I believe) with deepish stillwaters and launching out above average size feeders, but also ideal for larger rivers as well. The good part is that, with a line rating of 6lb - 10lb and a fair amount of power in the blank, I'm assuming it will make a pretty decent chub and possibly barbell rod.

The blank is provided with 3 tips of 3oz, 4oz and 5oz, but there are also options to get as low as 2oz and high as 6oz as well. The tips are different to the other tips in the range in that the eyes are larger, I assume to help with the constant casting of slightly thicker lines and larger feeders.

I'm having a busy week this week with family and work, but could just about fit in an hour fishing last night after on the river tees. Upon arrival, I noticed a good mate marc was in the car park so I met up with him and we fished a peg for half an hour, with a few little pulls to show. I moved on upstream, chucking out a piece of lamprey under a raft, which was taking within about ten mins. This was a good test for the rod, as I had to hold the chub firm without allowing it any line to avoid it finding the roots under the raft; this it did very well, and a chub of around 3.5lb was quickly landed. Unfortunately I had to go, but initial impressions are that the rod is smashing, plenty of power, but subtle enough to be extremely enjoyable playing fish. I'm looking forward to trying it on the lower lengths of the tees for winter perch, and possibly summer barbel fishing (though I'll need to test the rod plenty more with chub first to make sure it'll cope!).  

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