Sunday, 1 October 2017

Wear chub campaign

Got out this morning for my first attempt at wear chub (other than one or two half hearted attempts a year or two ago).

Walked downstream for a while and stopped at a peg, with the idea of roving back to the car. First cast and I was getting touches quickly, but with it being a new river to me you don't know if it's minnows or what. Struck a couple of times at some proper knocks but missed. Re- cast, the rod flew round and this time I hit something very solid. Felt like a proper chub, took some line, and held solid in the flow. I got it close to within netting and it came to the surface, proper lump, decided to kite to the left and straight into a snag - the inevitable happened.

There was obviously a few fish in the swim so another cast and 20 mins later again I struck into something solid, this time I knew what their game was and stopped it from getting near the snag, netted and weighed at 4lb 9oz. Judging by size, I reckon first one was close to a 5.

Couldn't buy another bite in that swim, or any other swim, but really happy with catching a 4 at first attempt and some of the pegs fished looked smashing. Going to give it a late night go next time I think. After catching sizes from the swale and tees now, i'd love to add another river to the list!

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