Monday, 9 October 2017

A River Wear 5lber

After some chub success on my first trip to the river wear last week, I got out this afternoon in search of something bigger. What a contrast a Saturday afternoon in Durham was to early sunday morning....canoeists, dog walkers, joggers etc. As I set up, and with a load of boats messing about downstream, my plan was to fish half heartedly until the sun went down and it quietened.

Despite all the racket, and the bright conditions, the rod soon flew round and I hit into something pretty solid. Once again, the acolyte distance feeder tamed the fish nicely, and it was soon resting in the net. A gem of a fish at 5lb 4oz. These wear fish really do fight well and are solid fish. To catch a River Wear 5 on the second attempt is fantastic, and gives me real confidence of adding the Wear to the Tees and Swale 6's.

Try as I might, I couldn't buy another bite but really happy to get my first wear five on only the second trip

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