Sunday, 15 October 2017

Floodwater Barbel fishing the Swale

Having been too busy to get out midweek due to work, I was very keen to get some fishing in this weekend. Temps were up and I had in mind to do some more wear chub fishing, but was surprised to see the levels had shot up in the hills overnight. A quick change of plan, and it was barbel fishing on the swale that I opted for.

Turning up at dawn, the timing couldn't have been any better as the floodwater had just peaked. I decided to rove the river and fish the slacks with boilie and worm. I was also trying out my new rod, a free spirit barbel tamer in 2.25lb.

The first swim didn't produce, but the second saw me hooking a fish whilst upstream fishing to a tree that was now well underwater. After a spirited fight, I put the net under this mint conditioned fish, a good start.

I moved on, keen for another. The next peg was a tight affair, but just enough room to play a fish in if I used hit and hold tactics. What I didn't realise was the hidden snags underwater about a rod length out, which the hooked barbel found. I had to leave it for 5 mins before I got bored and tore out. Another nice fish of similar size...

And that was that. A lovely morning spent fishing a flooded swale

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