Saturday, 12 March 2011

Last river session of the season......

I decided to have one final river session this year, i'm certainly going to miss them for a few months. Woke up at 5.30am and drove straight to the River, only to find it in flood...

This wasn't the best news, but i had a feeling the rain water might not have affected the other local yet, so jumped in the car and half an hour later i was by the river. I walked to my favourite little swim, feeding in liquidised bread while i sorted my pike gear out. After half an hour or so, i made my first cast with bread flake expecting a quick bite, which came. I struck into something big, and played it carefully for 30 seconds or so - it may have been a barbel or a big chub. Unfortunately it got snagged and got away, which indicated it was time to move to the next swim.

Same technique again, pike rig went in whilst i fed bread into the swim. Just as i was about to cast some breadflake out, my ledgered smelt tore off from a deep hole on the near bank. I hit into it and shortly after landed an underfed pike of 6lb or so....

Eventually, my breadflake was cast out and, same as before i had an immediate take. This ended up being a small chub of 1lb or so., but still a welcome fish...

Time to move on! By this time, the river had started rising rapidly, the rainwater had caught up with me. I wandered downstream for a mile or so, until i found a nice bit where the river came back on itself and underneath a tree.

I fed liquidised bread, and felt this was my last chance of a fish as the river was visibly rising fast. A flicked cast landed perfectly under the tree, and minutes later i had a savage take. I had to hold on tight to stop this fish making for the tree, but it was soon landed. At just under 4lb, I was a happy man!

Walking back to the car, i noticed the river had risen a good 4 feet and the odd tree was starting to come downstream!
Until next time rivers........


  1. Hi James

    I also finished the season with a few good Chub, biggest 4lb 6oz. I fished Sunday and the river was up a bit but more or less perfect. Not sure whether to try some new stretches of the Tees next season, lady Tees has not been good to me this year!
    My goals for next season is to locate some Tees Barbel again and I would also love to get into some big perch. Towards the end of the year I am going to concentrate on catching my 1st river Pike, I cant wait to get after them!


  2. Matt,

    River piking is some of the best fishing you can do, and the Tees has some big fish! I only really started piking this year, and am looking forward to autumn / winter time. Also, you can get some excellent summer sport on the lures with perch & pike around here.

    I'm in the same boat as you - i will be trying for a tees barbel, havent got one yet but it's up there with one of my top priorities come June 16th! In the meantime, i've got a quiet little tench pond and some bass fishing to go at!

    Keep your comments coming, good to have some local river Tees input!