Sunday, 27 March 2011

A morning session...

Got out this morning on what used to be part of a river, but time and a change in the course of the river has left it a stranded (it's occassionally topped up with fish and water when the river is in flood though!).

I cast out to a large swirl (which i presumed was a pike) with a trout deadbait, and 5 mins later had a slow take which i eventually hit into. This provided a small pike of 5 1/2lb.

Following this, i float fished worm to see if there was anything about. Despite plenty of activity with fish, i only managed one quick bite which was missed.

Back to the pike, i tried a large ondex spinner which was chased and attacked by 3 fish, each of which i somehow managed to fish. There was every indication that some large pike were present as they were attacking the bait fish. Unfortunately, no more fish came to my rod. But it was a fun morning, and a place i'll have to try again.

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