Sunday, 20 March 2011

Still no bass

With a big spring tide today, I chanced a go at the bass. I knew it was unlikely in March, but always worth a shot. Using my Maria Chase for the first time, which had a great action and half decent casting ability. It dives to maybe 30cm or so making it perfect for rocky shorelines.

Despite my repeated casting, for an hour or so trying various different places, i has no success, but it was a good afternoon to be out.

When i was considering calling it a day, a seal popped up with a fish of a pound or so. It looked silvery and very bass like, so perhaps they are there! I only managed a brief shot of it when it came out a bit further away. Better luck next time i guess


  1. I bet it's nice being out on a summers evening after Bass. Would like to give it a try myself sometime. I read Chris Yates's book 'Into the Blue' but thought that bass only came to the south coast.


  2. Matt, thy are up here mate trust me. It's not easy mind. In my first summer of trying i didnt catch any. Then last year i got 4 in total, 3 of them on the same trip. Once you find out at what stage of the tide they are caught and from where, you can predict with some accuracy where they are going to be. Watching the tide tables can and having this experience can mean you can pop out for a couple of hours when there is a window of opportunity.

    This may give you a bit of confidence of bass being here...

  3. By the way, i'm not suggesting i'm one of the experienced people! But i logged where and when my previous bass were caught, and used this to catch some more. There are guys out there who have spent much more time, and can pick out venues at any stage of the tide. There are a couple of marks i'm going to be trying this spring / summer, one of them potentially low water mark which will widen my choies.