Sunday, 6 March 2011

Too early for the bass....

With the lighter nights and warm sun I started thinking of bass today. Early in the year, yes - especially for the North-East. In reality they aren't a worthwhile proposition until May. But you do get some that over-winter, and as the warm sun got me thinking of bass again, i checked the tide tables. It turned out to be perfect; a spring tide, with high tide just before sunset. It was worth it just to give my new spinning gear a go and try one or two lures.

Unfortunately it wasn't to be! However, a nice evening and I used a daiwa Saltiga lure for the first time. It costs a bomb, but casts like a bullet and, being a very shallow diver and looking minnow like, is perfect. A recommendation to anyone....

Back to the sea!

Daiwa Saltiga lure


  1. Hi James, I have just discovered your blog and really enjoying it so far. It's good to read the exploits of a fellow Tees angler. Looking forward to reading more in the future.


  2. Hi Matt,

    Thanks for the comment, i'm pretty new to this blogging but enjoying it. I will be updating weekly so please keep reading!

    It's also good to hear from a fellow Tees angler. It really is a good area for fishing, and the river Tees is a hidden gem with big potential.